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MDL Civil was established in 2019 to match a growing demand for the delivery of quality property development and civil engineering projects.

Offering modern technology, smart industry thinking and traditional values of integrity and know-how, MDL Civil are ready today to build the foundations and infrastructure for tomorrow. Helping private and public sector clients, we look forward to finding innovative solutions to meet your project scope, timeframe and budget.

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Established in 2019 to match a growing demand for quality property development and civil engineering.

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Greater Control.

Market leading machinery that is 100% owned and operated by MDL Civil.


Regardless of a project scope or timeframe, all services are adapted to suit.


A progressive team, delivering effective solutions that stand the test of time.


Environmental quality & care is respected and explored in every project.


A highly qualified team, focused on a safe workplace.

MDL Civil is a Progressive ‘People-First’ Business

Bringing vast experience in large-scale earthwork projects, civil infrastructure and development projects within New Zealand, MDL Civil prides itself on having excellent organisational skills to manage your project. The team enjoys building strong relationships with clients, council engineers, designers and subcontractors.

Regardless of a project’s location or consenting demands – from complex land development or a simple retaining wall, MDL Civil takes every measure possible to achieve high-quality results within budget and timeframe expectations.

We look forward to helping.

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