Molesworth Drive Road Closure Tues 26 April to Sunday 1 May


As part of the infrastructure works associated with the Mangawhai Central development, a 500 m section of Molesworth Drive will be closed to all road users apart from emergency services from Tuesday 26 April to Sunday 1 May inclusive.

This is to allow a major road upgrade and realignment connecting to the new subdivision. The closure will involve night works so the project can be quickly completed and disruption to road users minimised.

During this time a detour will be in place via Cove and Tara Roads (see map below), to enable access between Mangawhai Village and Mangawhai Heads. This will add 10-15 minutes to the journey between the two centres, but the road is sealed all the way and traffic management will be in place at the two one-way bridges enroute.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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This is the second and most complex of three road upgrade stages relating to the Mangawhai Central development, but the only stage that requires a road closure on Molesworth Drive (it is possible there may be future road closures within the subdivision). The Molesworth Drive closure works will significantly improve that part of the existing road and reduce flooding risks by:

  • Improving traffic flow and safety, especially into and out of the  roundabout
  • Resurfacing and levelling that stretch Molesworth Drive
  • Enabling future works to widen and seal the existing foot/cycle path

Stage 1 Road Works

Molesworth Drive open

until early morning Tuesday 26 April

Stage 2 Road Works

Molesworth Drive closed

Tuesday 26 April -Sunday 1 May

Stage 3 Road Works

Molesworth Drive open

Monday 2 May to mid-late 2022


The following detour route will be clearly signposted during the Molesworth Drive Closure period

Detour routes for road closures


Why does the road need to be closed / Is it possible to allow one-way traffic instead?

We are doing everything possible to minimise disruption to the local community and the road’s users during the entire road upgrade project. However, this stage is the most complex so fully closing the road means we can get the best result in the shortest amount of time.

Why are night works necessary?

It is the best way to get this part of the project done as quickly as possible and reopen the road again.

What about emergency services?

We have been liaising with emergency services and provision will be made to let them drive through in the event of an emergency.

Can pedestrians and cyclists still use the foot/cycle path during this time?

To reduce the impact for pedestrians and cyclists, we will be encouraging the use of the coastal walkway. There will be a lot of heavy machinery working in this area so for health and safety reasons please keep this in mind if choosing to walk along the footpath.

Why is the road being closed on those dates?

We consulted extensively with key members of the local community, including the school and the business association. The closure dates were chosen because they fall outside the busy school term, and Easter/Anzac holiday periods thus causing the least disruption to the local community and visitors alike.

How are you letting people know?

We are doing everything we can to give Mangawhai residents, businesses and visitors ample warning about the road closure dates so everyone can plan their trips accordingly during this time. VMS boards will be set up with reminders closer to the time. In addition to consulting with key Mangawhai community leaders as part of our project planning, we are also advertising in local media, doing letterbox drops to homes around the area, and contacting all local retailers, cafes, bus/taxi companies, and major sports clubs (e.g. surf club, golf club), etc.

Got a question or concern about the Molesworth Drive upgrade project?

We’re here to help, so Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns about the road closure or road upgrade project.
If it’s an urgent matter relating to the closure our hotline number is 027 286 8550